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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What color trends are popular for home decorating?

Are you curious what color trends are popular? Gray tones are big, with splashes of either camel or yellow.

Earth tones (such as green, brown, cinnamon etc) are always a safe bet. Colors found in nature are always a safe bet!

Tone on tone shades are popular because they're soothing and create a calm environment. Metallic and shimmer are big, such as crystal, mercury glass and stainless steel. This photo is from the Bernhardt showroom, which is an amazing furniture line.

This color trend of tone on tone is soothing and timeless.

The photo below shows artwork, in ever popular soothing green/blue tones. This year you'll see a splash of "artichoke hearts" added to the mix (Benjamin Moore). Any colors that feel "spa like", a soothing greenish blue, have always been popular and never seem to go out of style.
 Spa like colors (soothing blue/green tones) are always popular!!

This color trend of aqua, soft greens and blues never
seems to go out of style. People ask for it every year.

To know what color trends will be popular in the upcoming year, look at fashion magazines. The colors shown in magazines are often found in furniture, fabrics, rugs and all home decorating projects. 


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