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Monday, October 24, 2011

What does it cost to reupolster my sofa? Is it worth recovering?

Sofa BEFORE reupholsterin
Greensboro NC Reupholstering AFTER 
Are you curious how much it will cost to reupholster your current sofa? Or whether it's worth recovering? Here are 5 tips.
  • If your sofa is comfortable & the right size for your room, recovering it will save both precious time & money.  
  • Sofas with hardwood frames & coil springs are definately worth recovering! They often have better construction than today's imported frames.
  • When you recover, you aren't limited to the small selection of fabrics the sofa manufacturer provides. If you're dealing with a great fabric source, the sky's the limit! You can specify color, durability, texture, etc.  Fabric is easier to select when they'll spread out bolts in the room.
  • You can change the look completely through new cushions, or by ommitting the skirt. We left exposed wood legs for this client, which made the room look larger.
  • A qualified interior designer can offer ways to add color, texture, or personality to the room, such as this vintage linen fabric and the soft chenille throw.  

This homeowner never liked their fabric (since they chose from the store's very limited fabric options). They did however love the shape & size of the sofa. 

Notice in the room makeover photos how the sofa looks brand new. For hundreds of room makeovers photos & designer room photos check out

We brought them a custom cocktail ottoman, custom window treatments, lamps, & new rug, all while still being under budget! Sometimes recovering your existing furniture can be worth while.  

sofa after 

If you love the comfort, size, or style of your sofa, it is probably worth recovering. It normally costs less than getting all new furniture, and you have more fabric options too! 

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