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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Should I choose a solid fabric or a print for window treatments?

Unique valance in beautiful linen fabric, Oakridge NC
The above valance is in a beautiful linen print, which we were able to recommend because the client's existing sofa, chairs, and rug all blended well with it. 

If you do go with a print on the window treatments, it's important to have the relief that a solid fabric allows. Notice how the king duvet color is solid white, and the chairs are also a solid instead of a print. 

When selecting a fabric with a print, there are numerous things to ask yourself: 

1) Is it possible to find a combination of colors that blend with the combination of colors in your current fabrics or rug?  For example, say your chair fabric is camel, brown and green. The window treatment fabrics that are available might have the wrong combination of colors, (such as camel, brown and turquoise).  Since you did not buy the fabrics at the same time, it might be impossible to find a beautiful coordinate. 

2) Is the size and scale of the print good for the size of the room? Example - a room with tall ceilings might require a large patter repeat.   

3) Is the fabric timeless or trendy? Is it so busy that it demands too much attention? 

A solid is best on the window treatments, because there is so much fabric.
Prints are normally best on small chairs or pillows, so you won't tire of them. 
4) Will you tire of the fabric?  Solid fabrics or tone on tone fabrics are safe options - for the long run. 

A window treatment can be timeless for 15 to 20 years, if you find a fabric that is not trendy, and one with colors that you love.  For more window valance styles, type "valance styles" in the search box.

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Ruby Knolls said...

I find this post very helpful since were planning to renovate our living room after winter.