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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to add color to a room? See designer room photos.

Are you looking for ways to add color to your rooms? Color can be achieved through art, window treatments, pillows, rugs, and yes, even walls! There's no need to stick to "neutrals only", if you pick soothing colors that you won't tire of, the sky is the limit!

BEFORE - this room was begging for color!

AFTER High Point home with custom drapes and art
Colorful artwork and fabrics are a great place to start the design process. In the photo above, the five foot tall painting adds quite a punch! The burnt red linen window treatments add color, and they make the window feel larger. On the leather sofas, we added ultra suede pillows with zippers. They're machine washable for a "child friendly" room. Last, the art gave us the inspiration for a soothing new wall color. This High Point, NC homeowner was thrilled with the functional aspects of the window treatments, since they can be closed at night for privacy. The room is now full of color due to the wall paint, art, window treatments and pillows.

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