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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ready for a man cave upgrade? See these photos!

Do you have a man cave or a fun "retreat area"? Know that art, furniture, fabrics, rugs, can really make a room, even if it doesn't have great architecture. A flat screen TV will cause it to be a well used room, so be sure to think about how you wish to use the space, compile a list of needs, or ask a qualified interior designer for design advice.

AFTER with flat screen TV(above photo)
The chairs can be placed where the ottomans are, (it was just moved this way for the photograph).
Due to their sources (sold to the trade), interior designers have access to great looking fabrics, furniture, art, floor lamps, and more. By doing it right the first time you'll actually save money! And, keep in mind that some bargains can be mixed in with high quality pieces, for a nice overall look.


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