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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can I paint my kitchen cabinets? See this Greensboro kitchen photo.

If you are tired of dark cabinets, and want to paint them, know that you can keep a little variety.
Notice the island and stove area are still stained in the kitchen below.

cabinet BEFORE
Before (above) this Greensboro homeowner did not like the peachy tone of their kitchen cabinets. They requested a warmer wood tone that would compliment the tile backsplash, which we provided (see after photo below).
cabinet after

Although some people swear it’s a “sin” to paint over wood, my opinion is it depends on the durability factor. If it’s done properly, so it won’t scratch off, then it can save people from costly remodels.
It depends on several factors – such as if you like the quality of your cabinets and if you’re happy with the current layout of your kitchen. If so, you can avoid a complete remodel. There are faux finish applications which are extremely durable when done by the right professionals.  This  Greensboro NC homeowner is  thrilled with their “like new” kitchen cabinets!

Above we show 3 different paint colors on kitchen cabinets, notice the base color in the background. 

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