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Friday, March 18, 2011

Candice Olsen explains drapery fabrics and wall colors.

candice olsen room

Candice Olsen Design Candice Olsen really hit the nail on the head. She confirmed something that will will help a lot of people, as long as they take note of her suggestion before heading to a paint store. The host of a popular HGTV show was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal March 10, 2011. She explained that she doesn’t choose the paint color first when designing a room. She recommends selecting fabrics first.

The article reinforced some good old fashioned advice. Don't back yourself into a corner! If you pick the wall color first, you could shop to the end of the earth to try to get the rest of the room to 'make sense'. This is the case even if you paint with neutrals (such as taupe or camel), because those colors have certain tones that won't work with many fabrics.  It's definatly easier to prove this point in person, when I hold fabrics up to the wall color. Many of them will look blah, and only one of them will look stunning. We stock thousands of drapery and upholstery fabrics, and unique designer fabrics for pillows, so we can eventually make any wall color work. But imagine the possibilities if you decided on your favorite fabric first?

Candice Olsen room
Select fabrics FIRST, then wall paint
A summary of her interior design tips:
  • choose fabrics first, paint last 
  • north or east rooms do well with warm colors
  • if your art or fabrics are bold & bright, the walls should be subtle

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