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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

How can I hide my flat screen TV? See these photos!

People often ask how they can hide their TV, saying they don't want it to feel like the focal point. With today's thin flat screens, it really doesn't need to be hidden, after all, we all have televisions! But if it truly bothers you, here are 3 ideas:  

1) Place the TV behind a folding screen, see top photo below.  

2) "Recess" the TV into a niche in the wall. If extra depth is required, the adjacent area must be a garage or a closet.  This requires a contractor who can do framing and sheetrock.  

3) If it really bothers you, you can even purchase sets that look like a mirror or art, which magically disappear for TV viewing. You often see those on Candice Olsen's TV Show about design.

4) For a quicker solution, you can simply "ground" the TV by placing a console under it, so it doesn't look like it's floating on the wall. An accessory or plant can help detract the eye (bottom photo).

5) Last, it helps to get hanging brackets that hang several inches closer to the wall than others. Now that it's Football season, embrace the TV, we'd miss them if we didn't have them! 

Flat screen TV hidden by leather folding Screen

Flat screen view with folding screen open

For many more photos & ideas for hiding TV's, be sure to click on the search words below. You can hide your flat screen, or detract the eye from it, or place it next to a major focal point. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For window treatment ideas and photos, see these unique designer options.

Roman Shades and Valances, Greensboro NC
We have many ideas, once we learn your needs for adding color, texture, or function, we present the best options and spread the fabrics out in your room!

These Window treatment styles and fresh ideas were a big hit at the Greensboro NC Southern Ideal Home Show (photo above shows two of many options). The bottom valance is a mock roman shade, which we can also make as a roman shade that raises and lowers for privacy.


FIve tips & photos for upgrading your kitchen on a budget.

 Ready to update your kitchen but not sure where to start? Here are some ideas, which vary from somewhat expensive to very reasonable, when budget is key. 

1) Add a splash of color through bar stools
painting the bar stools was a great way to add color
Recovering the seats in yellow
cheered up the look of these bar stools

2) Insert glass into upper cabinet doors. Then, add lights inside.  

Notice the glass doors - upper left corners

3) Update the accessories - sometimes that's all that is needed for a huge impact.
Notice below how we changed the room by reducing the number of items on display! 

before updating accessories 
4) Replace the hardware. Vary the sizes and shapes, add handles as well as knobs.

5) Add crown molding to the top cabinets

Have fun with it! Don't assume you have to do a major remodel in order to create major impact. These before and after photos are just a tip of the iceberg of the various ways you can update your kitchen on a budget.

What size and shape table does my dining room need? Eight tips for getting the right size and staying within budget.

Furniture from High Point, NC 
  •  To select the correct size table, draw the width and length of your room on 1/4" graph paper. This will allow you to see how different options would work while you are furniture shopping.
  • An oval dining table (see above) often works better in a space than a rectangle.
  • pedestal table is better than four legs if you're cramped for space.  
  • Keep in mind that if your room is small, it's better to go with a smaller table, you can always extend it with leaves on occasions.   
  • You need plenty of room for people to back up their chairs. Allow at least 40" from the table to the back of the chair (when the chair is pulled out so they can stand).
  •  Consider your budget! It might be wise to only replace those pieces that will make the most impact. In the photo above, notice how the upholstered chairs make quite a statement. We offer this chair individually, for those who wish to replace the host and hostess chair only. If you're on a budget,  make sure you'll have funds left over for items that will create the most impact, such as drapes, paint, and art. 
  • If you have an existing buffet or hutch, consider painting the hardware in silver leaf or bronze. 
  • Furniture stores charge a large restocking fee, it's best to measure for the right size and consider your budget before heading to the furniture store.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Candice Olsen explains drapery fabrics and wall colors.

candice olsen room

Candice Olsen Design Candice Olsen really hit the nail on the head. She confirmed something that will will help a lot of people, as long as they take note of her suggestion before heading to a paint store. The host of a popular HGTV show was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal March 10, 2011. She explained that she doesn’t choose the paint color first when designing a room. She recommends selecting fabrics first.

The article reinforced some good old fashioned advice. Don't back yourself into a corner! If you pick the wall color first, you could shop to the end of the earth to try to get the rest of the room to 'make sense'. This is the case even if you paint with neutrals (such as taupe or camel), because those colors have certain tones that won't work with many fabrics.  It's definatly easier to prove this point in person, when I hold fabrics up to the wall color. Many of them will look blah, and only one of them will look stunning. We stock thousands of drapery and upholstery fabrics, and unique designer fabrics for pillows, so we can eventually make any wall color work. But imagine the possibilities if you decided on your favorite fabric first?

Candice Olsen room
Select fabrics FIRST, then wall paint
A summary of her interior design tips:
  • choose fabrics first, paint last 
  • north or east rooms do well with warm colors
  • if your art or fabrics are bold & bright, the walls should be subtle

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do it yourself tips for a bedroom on a budget.

Headboard from House and Home Canada
Bedroom on a budget

Ready to decorate your bedroom on a budget? Select from our gorgeous fabrics & make this do it yourself headboard. We can provide instructions that make it easy!
  • Replace your lamp shades for an instant update. 
  • Paint an unattractive dresser or nightstands in silver leaf or bronze. 
  • Add a burst of color along the edge of your drapes.
  • Devote a weekend to paint the walls - this creates maximum impact!
  • Add a window valance. See our web site for style & shapes. 

Bedroom paint walls
window seat, valance, and fresh wall paint

Know that wall paint can make a TREMENDOUS difference. If you pick a soothing color such as the one above, you can transform your room in one weekend.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Upholstered headboard versus wood–which is better?

When looking through magazines, you’ve probably noticed the variety of upholstered headboards. I have one, which I love. Here are six advantages to an upholstered headboard (in comparison to a wood headboard):
headboard camel
This upholstered headboard allowed
the homeowners to decide the exact height they
 wanted the headboard to be.

upholstered headboard white
This upholstered headboard gave the room a clean
metropolitan feel, the tall height created a stunning focal point. 
  1. You avoid the “matching set” look. It’s a nice change to mix in fabric instead of more wood. It adds texture and color.
  2. The room will look more spacious - beds that have a footboard often "cut off the room" and cause it to look crowded
  3. It's easier to make the bed with a headboard only (no more tucking in sheets and bumping your knuckles)! 
  4. Comfort, especially if you're tall. You no longer have a footboard you'll kick during the night, or hit with your shin in the dark.  
  5. Cost – normally a high end upholstered headboard is less expensive than a high end wood bed
  6. An upholstered headboard is comfortable to lean on. That's our favorite thing about upholstered headboards, - for reading  or TV
  7. The money you'd spend on a footboard can go to a beautiful bench at the foot of the bed, a great place to place your duvet or bedspread.  
It's personal preference of course! If your room is very large (not narrow and long) then concerns over being spacious would not be necessary. 

The only concern I’ve heard about upholstered headboards is durability, if that is a concern, consider ultra suede or sunbrella fabric. Ultra suede is extremely durable, and luxurious to touch! To see more headboards from Greensboro, NC, check out our bedroom photos!

Click on these two links for lots of beautiful BEFORE and AFTER transformations, many with upholstered headboards:

Can I paint my kitchen cabinets? See this Greensboro kitchen photo.

If you are tired of dark cabinets, and want to paint them, know that you can keep a little variety.
Notice the island and stove area are still stained in the kitchen below.

cabinet BEFORE
Before (above) this Greensboro homeowner did not like the peachy tone of their kitchen cabinets. They requested a warmer wood tone that would compliment the tile backsplash, which we provided (see after photo below).
cabinet after

Although some people swear it’s a “sin” to paint over wood, my opinion is it depends on the durability factor. If it’s done properly, so it won’t scratch off, then it can save people from costly remodels.
It depends on several factors – such as if you like the quality of your cabinets and if you’re happy with the current layout of your kitchen. If so, you can avoid a complete remodel. There are faux finish applications which are extremely durable when done by the right professionals.  This  Greensboro NC homeowner is  thrilled with their “like new” kitchen cabinets!

Above we show 3 different paint colors on kitchen cabinets, notice the base color in the background. 

To update or remodel a kitchen on a budget, click on this link - lots of amazing tips & photos!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Interior design ideas gave this Greensboro, NC homeowner several options!

This Greensboro homeowner was in need of an interior design idea to solve the
"eye sore" in their dining room.

We added a mirror & molding to this door to give this interior door a "french door" feeling (see above). 
Before door was plain, with no molding


See door above
Notice the molding and cheerful color
on this door, which creates an inviting look

There are lots of fun options for changing interior doors:

  • Add molding & a cheerful paint color on the above door (see photo) 
  • Upholster the door with leather or suede, then add nail head trim
  • Omit the door, and when possible, enlarge the opening!
  • Replace it with a fabric drapery panel, pulled to the side with hold back hardware
If you're in the Greensboro, NC vicinity, contact us for interior design ideas to hear options for your door delimas! Share your comments, we love to hear from you!

If you're headed to a High Point furniture store, rethink your current furniture!

Take another look at your furniture.... do you have a piece that could be used differently? Or, is their a piece that's a nice size and shape, but it just needs to be undated? Perhaps a piece is too dark? You can cheer it up by applying paint to the inside walls. If you'd like a less permanent solution, insert a foam board wrapped with fabric onto the back wall.

Check out the bookcase above, the owner converted it into a functional mini bar. It's fun to come up with clever new ways to use furniture. If you're in the High Point, NC area contact us with your design delimas, we love a challenge!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For unique window treatment ideas, read these tips!

Before purchasing drapes, it is helpful to look through our photos of styles, this gives you a great tool to communicate what you like and don't like.  There are lots of unique window treatments, the most popular one being a contrast fabric at the top, bottom, or banding, this allows a new texture and pattern.
This window treatment is unique in that it has enough widths to
be totally functional, for privacy at night.

Some helpful questions to ask yourself:

 Do they need to open and close for privacy? Drapes from a store are only 40" to 48".

 Do I want the drapes hung above the window? This will make the ceilings feel taller!

 Are these just for looks? Or do I need protection from the sun, and cold weather?

 The most important question - is it important that I not block daylight (or my view)?

If you answered yes to any of the above, custom window treatments will help you obtain your goals.  They can be made full enough to hang outside the frame, so you won't block precious daylight, yet they can be made wide enough to meet when closed. 
Linen drapes can feel light and fresh 

This window treatment was given a unique look
by sewing three different fabrics together. The contrast
banding draws the eye up, to make ceilings feel taller.

Drapes with a contrast band at the top draw the eye up
A sheer linen (mocha color) gives privacy, while
cinnamon silk with a bronze print border repeats
the bronze paint used on the ceiling. 

This window treatment has a valance to create the illusion of a
taller window. Notice that the panels have a four inch banding that
repeats the palm tree fabric, a nice touch in this beach home.

Notice how much LARGER the windows feel in the
after photo. For many more before and after photos,
click on the link to our web site below.  
Custom drapes hang nicer than ready made drapes, due to the higher quality lining, wider fabrics, etc. See many more unique window treatment styles at 
----Window treatments are shown in each of the ten sections.

If you're in the Greensboro, NC travel area, we're happy to provide a design and quote. From the construction through installation, we make window treatments easy!