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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leather sofa or fabric sofa? Read this before you buy!

Are you searching High Point furniture stores for sofas and ready to just be "done with it"? That's what most people say! Are you combining styles (husband and wife) perhaps your husband wants leather and you want fabric? If so, you could add a throw, colorful pillows, a fabric cocktail ottoman.   

Something to consider - leather can stain or tear, just like fabric could, and that could be very expensive. You can't match the hide color later, the dye lot would never match, so recovering a leather sofa is too pricey to be feasible. If you purchase a fabric sofa, and a cushion gets a spill, an ink mark, or a tear, you can often "flip over" the cushion - not so with leather. Or an exposed wood chair in fabric is even easier to make a quick fix, by recovering the cushion only!  

I personally love both leather and fabric. But I've heard horror stories of leather sofas that were ruined within weeks of people bringing them home. I too fell victim to this, when the first week we brought home a leather sofa a coca cola stained the leather BADLY. So, I've looked at a stained sofa for 8 years. I would've been better off with a fabric that could be scrubbed. I've learned that scrub-able fabrics do have their benefits, but it's really a matter of personal preference. So, if you're still trying to decide between leather and fabric, know that leather is not really the most durable. 

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1 comment:

Andrew Bowen said...

Good food for thought. I get stuck remembering fabric problems from 20 years ago.