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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Six important tips for replacing kitchen cabinets. Visit these tips from Greensboro, NC.

 1) Compare brands. Our brand allow you to insert a custom piece into a semi- custom kitchen, with the exact same finish! This gives you a great deal of flexibility.
2) Ask yourself -  Is there architectural appeal? Where can we vary the height & depth?

3) Consider upgrading the interiors, example, do you want tray drawers in the cabinets?

4) Select a finish you won't tired of. Avoid a dated look.

5) Look through magazines & our portfolio. You'll learn what look you come back to. 

6) If you have wood floors, painted cabinets can be a nice contrast.

For photos from Greensboro kitchens, Click here to view the kitchen section of our web site for more great tips. 

Save your Saturdays for fun in the sun! Before you run all over Greensboro to kitchen cabinet stores, come up with a gameplan, it will save you time and money.


Anonymous said...

Good tips, what color cabinets do you recommend?

WAHM Solution said...

Really great tips. I love that kitchen by the way.

new york kitchen and bath said...

I have to agree with Timmy a bit but after a while it will look distresses and vintage looking.