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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to select fabrics. Read this Greensboro, NC story.

Sofa after reupholstered in chenille & suede

Before, fabric had faded to pink
This Greensboro, NC client knew that fabric is a lot like paint, there are thousands of beautiful colors to choose from!  So, don't just take a stab at it after viewing a small swatch. Most interior designers will bring options to your home for no charge. Better yet, if they stock fabric, you'll get to view the fabric spread out on your sofa, instead of trying to visualize from a small swatch! You can even save money! Get a quote!  If they have a vast inventory, they probably get quantity purchase discounts.

Consider 3 things:

1) Determine which items must remain in the room, such as the rug or art. These could either "back you into a corner" or give you a nice starting point.

2) It will be more interesting if you can add different textures, such as combining suede with chenille.

3) A Greensboro fabric store is not your only alternative, you can take advantage of an
interior designer's in home service.


Anonymous said...

Wish I'd read this before running around to fabric stores!

Anonymous said...

Good tip (about spreading it out instead of looking at a small swatch)...a fabric seemed like a completely different color once I brought it home