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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Learn these tips to know if your sofa is worth recovering

Sofa in a dated fabric with a skirt 

 In progress 

By recovering the sofa, there was enough savings to add window treatments and decorative pillows 

Trying to decide whether you should find a sofa at a furniture store versus reupholster your current sofa? That's a good question!

1) If your sofa is comfortable, and it's a good brand, it's probably worth recovering. It can save you both precious time and money AND it's good for the environment!

2) A qualified interior designer can tell you if your sofa has 8 way hand tied coil springs, and if it's a hardwood frame. Many of today's sofas are imported from overseas, so they aren't as sturdy.

3) Best of all, when you recover, you aren't limited to a small selection of fabrics the sofa manufacturer provides.

These photos show the before & after of a reupholstered sofa in Summerfield NC. This client said they always had a "love hate feeling about the sofa". They loved the shape, but they wanted a more luxurious fabric and a more formal feel.  Notice that when you leave off the skirt, you get the look a new sofa!


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I didn't even consider this option.

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