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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Learn easy solutions for a good night's sleep!

Greensboro home, before window treatments

Greensboro home, after adding window treatments
Are you trying to decide if window treatments are important? That depends if you're ready to sleep like a bear in hibernation!  Per Michael Breus Ph.D., author of the book Sleep: Look Younger Lose Weight and Feel Great Through Better Sleep:  a bedroom that lets even a little light in, either from street lights or a full moon is the second most common reason people have trouble dozing, (anxiety is number one). Per Breus: Light shuts down your body's production of sleep-signaling melatonin; 
so it's good to keep the room nice and dark!  

As for the number one reason of stress --- yoga is a great stress release! I've also found Vitamin D3 to be very helpful, with dosage levels as seen in (life extension, but since I do not have any medical training, I'm not qualified to advise what is safe for you. So, I'll stick to what I DO know - I can provide a definite solution to the second most common problem - just get custom window treatments! Why?

 1) Because custom drapes can be made as wide as necessary, to block all of the light, on the left, on the right, and at the top!

2)You can add thick lining or black out lining to make the room totally dark! We're not talking about the stiff black out lining like in hotels. I'm referring to the luxurious soft new 100% black out lining.

3) With custom drapes on a traverse rod, you can overlap the drapes in the center, so you block ALL the light.

Why is sleep so important? As explained in Women's Health Magazine, September 2008, "more and more evidence links a lack of sleep to health problems like depression and even cancer." Why take insomnia as a given? A few tweaks can help you get consistent peaceful sleep! Notice how custom window treatments also make this Greensboro home feel cozier!

Do you have feedback or ideas on what helps you get a good night sleep? We love hearing your comments! Or, for a question, be sure to email us instead.


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This is my biggest problem. We should discuss options for my bedroom.

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