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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have an unused space? Check out this home office!

Take charge of every bit of your square feet! Find a room that could function better.  

 Do you have a formal living room or dining room that you never set foot in? How about a small area that could be used as a study or homework area? One Jamestown, NC client converted their old mud room into a home office, another made their unused dining room into a game room with a pool table.  What creative way do you intend to use a space? 


ParkerNicole said...

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Madeline Gabriel said...

As probably a later project, one of the thinks that attracted us to our new home is a large "office" room off the kitchen. I don't know if this was once a formal dining room and it could certainly be an extra bedroom if needed. It is too big for what I need for a home office so we are looking at making it an office area for me and a project/homework area for the kids with furniture that can be folded/moved to have open floor space for dog training practice. I like the idea of dividing up a room with different "nooks" or areas for different activities.

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