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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Should the wife or the husband makes the decorating decisions?

·         According to a October 2010 NHFA Retailer article: "women are the chief operating officers of the household, controlling more than 80% of the purchasing decisions.

     Their desire to consult with a husband doesn't mean they're indecisiove, it means they want people with whom they have close relationships to be pleased." Maybe these men don't feel it's necessary to get involved in lots of details, ....such as which window treatments. I think a lot of men would rather deal with technical issues, such as which car is safe or will hold it's value better. I think if a woman spends a great deal of time in the home, raising children and working out of the home, it's important that her environment has pleasing colors and is clutter free.  

    What's that famous saying? "If momma isn't happy, then NOBODY's happy!" And in those cases where the husband and wife both have strong opinions (and if their taste is not at all similiar), a designer can often find a middle ground where they can meet, so they'll both be happy. 

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