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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To find art in the right size, see these beautiful photos!

Finding art that is the right size can seem like a challenge, just know that big is good! A large piece of art will actually make a small room look larger (in most instances). If on the other hand you put lots of pieces of art on one wall, it can tend to feel cluttered.

large art can make a small room feel larger 

notice how this art fits the entire wall area that is available

One large piece of art creates a clean soothing style
After bench under Art 
Our 70" long custom bench looks great in this foyer entrance  

Art in foyer

Art is a great step one,  you can paint the walls with
a complimentary color that accentuates the colors in the art. 

 People tend to pick both canvas art & framed art on one criteria - 'how does it make me feel'? But there's more to consider!

1) The size & shape of art will greatly affect your room. A tall vertical piece will trick the eye to make your ceilings appear taller.

2) Contrary to popular belief, a huge piece can make a small room seem bigger!  That never ceases to amaze people, just how much bigger the room feels once you add large artwork.

3) Consider mixing styles. If your furniture is traditional, you'll can achieve a fresh updated feeling through contemporary art.

contemporary art blends well with traditional furniture

If these pieces are too contemporary for your taste, know that there are many options, and the right art can really transform a room! We added the art above to a Greensboro, NC home to update traditional mahogany furniture. 


Caroline Carrison said...

The art in the craftsman style home picture is my favorite !

Richard Ford said...

Vertical art will take your eyes to the top of an open space. Gives dimension to your room. Adding horizontal art will fill in those long blank walls and change the feel of the room.