Selecting a wall paint color you won’t regret.

Before you head to the paint store 1) Don’t back yourself into a corner by selecting the wall color first!  Consider your overall plan, begin with drapery fabrics or rugs. Rugs & fabrics need to fit a lot of criteria: style, durability, pattern, budget, and there are thousands of paint colors that will compliment them.  2) Consider the color tone. For example, in selecting an “off white”, one […]

Should the wife or the husband makes the decorating decisions?

·         ·         According to a October 2010 NHFA Retailer article: “women are the chief operating officers of the household, controlling more than 80% of the purchasing decisions.      Their desire to consult with a husband doesn’t mean they’re indecisiove, it means they want people with whom they have close relationships to be pleased.” Maybe these men don’t […]