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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What size and type art behind my sofa? 5 interior designer solutions for a big blank wall!

Wondering what size art to put behind your sofa, well contrary to what one might think, the larger the art, the bigger your room will's true, every single time we hang a large piece of art people are amazed at how much bigger their room looks! And here's 4 more designer tips. 

1) Abstract art looks great with a traditional sofa and chairs! 
It can give a fresh updated look to a traditional room. 

2) It makes a home more interesting if you can mix some wrapped canvas pieces with framed and matted art, some signed and number limited editions with a Giclee and an original. The variety makes it all the more interesting!  

3) When possible, it's fun to add a built in surround book shelf (like below). It can make a room feel like a cozy study, and it accents your favorite art well. 

4) If you don't have a large piece of art you love, you can build shelves to display your favorite family photos or art collectibles. However, keep in mind that the frame and matting will need to be clean and simple, so it doesn't get too busy.

5) A square or vertical piece can make your ceilings feel taller than a horizontal piece.  It always shocks people - at how much it can affect how large the room feels.

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To determine the right size and type art behind your sofa, just know a very large piece will make your room look larger.

Friday, September 4, 2015

5 designer tips why white linen is a great choice for drapes and window treatments!

People often show us room photos with fresh clean white linen. White linen looks great on window treatments even if you prefer a room full of color! Here are 5 design tips regarding using white linen for window treatments:

1) White linen invokes a fresh clean "summer day" feeling, like when you put fresh clean white sheets on your bed, or when you wear a freshly ironed cotton or white shirt or dress.

2) White linen sheers help diffuse the bright sunshine, add privacy & compliment a 
variety of colors you may want to use.
Notice how well white compliments the organic sisal rug and beach colors. 

2) White linen for roman shades make a nice backdrop to the cheerful colorful pillows! White doesn't back you into a corner for making changes to the decorating, as often as you like!

3) White drapes help make your molding and white woodwork pop! Notice how nice the white fabrics look next to the gray blue ceiling, gray walls, and sofa.  

4) White drapes don't compete with beautiful outdoor views, or beautiful architecture. 

5) White drapes look great next to dark hardwood floors. Notice the contrast border on these drapes. The rick deep browns look amazing with the white window treatments.

In this Greensboro NC home, our custom window treatments and roman shades can be closed for privacy, without blocking any daylight during the day. 

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to find art for above a tall chair rail or wainscoat?

Art above a tall chair rail can be hard to find. In the below photo, the wood frame on the art was a nice thick wood, which made it the correct size & scale for the deep wainscoting. 

AFTER above, BEFORE below
 When you absolutely love a piece of art, you can hang it directly over the chair rail or wainscoting. It's your home, embrace your surroundings and do as you please!

Notice in the photo below, the mirror would've been too far from the buffet, 
- If it had been placed above the chair rail or wainscoting. 

For photos about art, such as - Update a traditional home with abstract art, or What size art? check out this blog link:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to decorate a two story foyer ? a welcoming and functional space?

A two story foyer can be tricky to decorate. The entrance room needs the right size and scale furniture, lamps and art. After all, it's a guest's first impression, it sets set the mood for the entire home! Whether you prefer traditional and formal, colorful and unique, or family friendly, these are all things to consider.   

Designers often have access to more options than the general public. So, if you have a huge foyer, it may be beneficial to view their options. We were able to bring the actual painting (top photo) to help the homeowner visualize this painted ocean scene in their foyer. 

Notice we replaced the very formal carved mirror with abstract colorful art. This gave the homeowner the inviting look they requested,the soothing colors in the art are a nice addition to a foyer that was otherwise lacking in color. 

Our craftsman glass lamp also added a fun touch, to make the console table feel less formal. 

AFTER Above, BEFORE below

B) Consider painting the interior door or the front door! Perhaps a colorful door? 
Or a nice wood stain? Notice below even  the foyer light fixtures are unique!  
The live orchid in the corner creates a cozy inviting mood as guests first enter the foyer. 

C) Borrow furniture from another room! Perhaps a host and hostess chair from the dining room? 
Chairs or a bench in a foyer make it functional for taking off shoes.  

D) Add texture! Below: the twigs, rocks, glass, wood, fabric, stone, & linen add wonderful 
colors & textures. This foyer is now a welcoming room. 
The foyer bench allows a nice place to take off your shoes. 
A bowl on the console table is a great place to throw your keys. 

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to make my colors flow from room to room?

If you want your home to "Flow" from room to room, use repetition of a color. This client requested gray in the den which you can see at our site on Transforming Rooms - Irving Park Home.

We also had to consider her black and white tile floor in the kitchen, it needed to "make sense". We used fabric to tie it all together.  Notice how we repeated certain colors, yet used art to bring in an element of surprise.


After Above, Before Below

 By spreading out the fabric (instead of just a small swatch) 
we help customers visualize. 

Don't forget the porches and patios! Even the landscaping,.....these are all great places to repeat your favorite colors. If you use powerful colors on pillows, they can easily be changed. Perhaps a spring/summer look and another pillow for fall and winter?

For other blogs about adding color through art and fabrics, enjoy our before after on our web site

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Six best built in bookcases and bookshelf styles for a home office or den.

Built in bookcases, bookshelves & wall units add a nice architectural look to a den, home office,  a sitting room or a living room. Book shelves are a great place to display not only books, but your collectibles, accessories, or even the television. A TV looks great when it's recessed in a wall unit. 
1) Built in shelving wrapped around a doorway, see below. By surrounding the entrance to the next room with bookcases, the builder created architectural appeal. Craftsmen moldings are a nice style.  

 2) Bookcases and shelving units can wrap around a sofa, daybed, or desk. See the "niche" that is created below, between shelving units you can add a desk or sofa. This is a great touch in a sitting area or a work space that needs to double as a home office and guest room combined.
 3) Wood stained bookshelves create a nice masculine feel for any home office or man cave. In the photo below, the built in bookcases surround a fireplace, to add nice architectural appeal. The doors at the bottom allow ample storage.

4) Recessed bookcases which are flushed with the wall! They look amazing in the photo below. When it's possible to add them to an existing home (and recess them), they look as if the home was built that way. A contrast paint color on the back of the bookcases adds a nice touch.  

 5) Add shelving below cabinet doors! As long as the cabinets are hung high enough on the wall, like in the photo below. The addition gave this home office more interest. Now they can display books and keep them within easy access.

6) If windows can surround the bookcases, it adds light and architectural appeal. Columns beside the bookcases add a nice touch. 

For home office and study photos.... with tips on converting a formal living room into a home office...or to combine a home office with a guest room, see this link:

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Should I paint or stain a color on the ceiling? Pros and cons of painting a ceiling.

There are pros and cons for painting or staining a ceiling. It can be a fun touch either way!

  • If you want to draw attention to coffered ceilings or beautiful moldings, a paint color will do just that!
  • If your ceilings are low, you may want to avoid color on the ceiling.
  • If you crave color, a ceiling is sometimes the only place you can add it - perhaps a lot of windows or brick walls don't allow the use of color elsewhere?
  • A stain allows the natural grain of the wood to show, paint would tend to cover or "hide" the wood.

The gray stained wood ceiling (below) draws attention to the architecture.

In the room below, the coffered ceiling, crown moldings & ceiling are all the same color, that way
the room feels small and cozy.

The designer painted the ceiling to draw attention to the coffered ceiling below.

 A soft gray paint adds color to the porch ceiling below. It accentuates the stone in the fireplace.
It was one of the few places to add color to the room.

 The painted ceiling adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise all white kitchen. 

For before/after ideas for adding color - painting a contrast wall, painting a front door, or how to choose paint colors see this blog:

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A painted ceiling is an easy change, if you are unsure, just paint a large poster board with the $7 sample size paint cans from your paint store, tape it on the area to "test" it. And if it's a wood ceiling, remember that stains come in a variety of colors such as gray, taupe, camel, (not just brown).

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to incorporate boulders & rocks into a landscape plan or fire pit, 4 must read tips.

To incorporate boulders and rocks into your landscape plan, here's 4 helpful tips we learned during the process. Boulders add texture & color to your lawn, and best of all - they're maintenance free. 
It's so much easier than pruning & maintaining shrubs! 

Boulders mixed with flagstone and pebbles for a natural path or walkway

Here's 4 helpful tips for adding boulders to your landscape plan:

1) Keep size & scale in mind, if your trees are large, you'll want at least a couple of big rocks, when they're on a pallet they'll seem big, but once you get them home they feel smaller. It's good to select some large rocks to mix in with medium size. Rodney at Scott's Stone in Greensboro, NC was great to work with.  

2) Think about where you want them before the delivery arrives, that way you can place the boulders in the best spot with a piggy back forklift. 

AFTER above BEFORE below

The professional landscape company recommended lots of shrubs, which were fine at first, but within a short time, they were too big no matter how often you prune them.  They did not keep in mind our "low maintenance" request. They appear crowded & overgrown, and hide your brick. Rocks & boulders were a nice alternative to add texture & colors. Best of all - they're maintenance free!! 

3) If you place rocks on both sides of the yard it will feel more "balanced".  
4) Drought tolerant perennials or flowers are so much easier than trimming shrubs! 

For sidewalks or patios with flagstone, Gold Dust or grass works nice in my opinion (instead of mortar). With Gold Dust basically you sweep it in with a broom, rinse it several times, and it turns into "mortar". Following Mfg directions, it's easy for a homeowners to patch the joints in case of cracks, instead of requiring a brick mason.  Here's a close up of a fire pit & patio with NC Flagstone: 

In progress patio, just need some plants and boulders to finish it off!
North Carolina Flagstone patio & sidewalk

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