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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

7 tips interior designers use to furnish and decorate a room with slanted ceilings or dormers!

A low slanted ceiling or dormer area can look amazing with a few designer tricks. By accentuating the slanted ceilings and dormers, they can be architecturally appealing. Here's 7 designer tips:

1) Paint the slanted ceiling the same color as the walls (instead of ceiling white), notice how this makes the ceiling feel taller and doesn't "chop up" the area with lots of stop and start areas.

2) Add Symmetry! We furnished this unused space by adding a curved window valance, (to soften the angles) and added a pair of chairs so it was symmetrical. Next step - add a ping pong table or fooseball table!

3) Instead of ignoring the space, make it functional! We added lighting and a game table in the below area. Notice the tripod floor lamp, and how it makes this dark corner more appealing. Our client said this room was "wasted space" until we furnished it with a sectional, a large TV, and this game table so they could play scrabble or a board game.

4) If you're remodeling, curved windows will compliment your slanted ceilings. Or, if the room is already finished, an arch shaped mirror...or a round mirror will accomplish the same thing. Notice how the desk makes this room functional, even with the low slanted ceilings!

5) Window treatments make this slanted ceiling area feel taller. Also, when possible, paint the angled ceilings the same color as the walls, this will make the slanted ceilings less obtrusive.

6) Add built in shelving. Slanted ceilings look more appealing with built in shelving surrounding the window. And if it's storage you need, you can add file cabinets or doors at the bottom.

7) Make good use of a dormer area or slanted ceiling by adding built in storage, a window seat, or
a built in bed. Notice the pull out bed allows the ability to sleep extra people...what a great use of a dormer space!

Low ceilings, slanted ceilings, dormers, and finished attics can be furnished and decorated so they're functional and beautiful. Do you have a solution for angled ceilings of your own? 
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

What type cabinet or furniture is best under a TV?

To select a TV cabinet or furniture for under your Television, know that today it's no longer necessary to have wires, cable boxes, receivers etc visible. With today's wireless systems, the components can be across the room, completely hidden behind doors in a completely different area.

Talk to your local electronic expert. Notice the amazing transformation once all the wires, cable boxes, receivers, are hidden behind the walls! It's easier than you think to hide them, and it allows you to have unlimited options for what type furniture you put under your TV. The below transformation was accomplished in a couple of hours!

AFTER TV with hidden wires and components
BEFORE Television with wires, cable box, router, and receiver all visable

Consider built a built in wall system instead of furniture under your TV - Notice the wall unit below has a fireplace too!

For more before and after photos and ideas for TV's, including built in wall system, mantles, and more, see this link:

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Friday, November 20, 2015

What's the best shrub or tree for a fast growing privacy wall? 4 must read tips!

Want privacy but don't want to shrubs or trees that take forever to grow? Our before and after photos are below, with a time line. We'll show you how we did it, and even though we're not gardeners, we planted them ourselves and it all worked out fine!

And for Before and After, for the interior of your home, become a "follower" on and/or this blog. Three times per months we provide solutions and design tips! For a few examples:
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  • ....and much more... with BEFORE and AFTER photos!  
BEFORE above, AFTER, below 

For do it yourself types like us:
1) First, we brought in a big truck load of dirt, for three reasons:

  • to create instant height, (it made the trees a foot taller!) 
  • to create a berm, (so adjacent tree roots did not compete) 
  • to allow proper drainage after heavy rains, the slope (behind them not shown)

2) When digging the holes, we followed the directions to the T, everything listed on the label regarding root size etc. This is important, as it affects whether they grow ONLY in the roots, or also the tree itself.

3) We watered our green giants every other day during the hot summer. Be patient, give each tree a nice dose! After all, the first year is when they are facing the trauma of being moved.

4) Make sure they get at least 3 hours of direct sunlight per day! The ones that don't get direct sunlight won't grow very well. We noticed one tree had a Charlie Brown Christmas kind of look, so we trimmed some tree limbs that were blocking sun, and it caught up with the other trees!

Above are the Before and After photos at 18 months. When first planted I looked down at the top of each tree, now they are 10' tall. I don't profess to be a gardener or tree expert, so you'd need to ask your local professionals if these Green Giants will do well in your zone.

To see BEFORE and AFTER photos for your home (with interior design tips) see this link:

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

5 pros and cons for a a headboard only, instead of the complete bed with foot board?

Thinking about switching to a headboard only instead of a complete bed? 5 pros and cons might help you decide! Here are Five Advantages of a headboard only
  1. Your room will look larger with a headboard only, there's nothing to "cut the room off". 
  2. A headboard only is comfortable for a tall man...just ask one!
  3. It's easier to make a bed with a headboard only... no comforters to tuck in at the foot.
  4. A new headboard gives you options - to add height, add color, or texture...see close up below, it's amazing how it transformed the room. 
  5. If you go with an upholstered headboard - it's more comfortable to lean on than a wood bed. 

                                      AFTER with headboard, BEFORE below, complete bed

  1. The one disadvantage of a headboard only instead of a complete bed: You'll need either a dust skirt with a metal frame (about $45, on line) --- OR--- a wooden bed frame, see blog link below for details and styles. 

Want to see more before and after, including upholstered headboard styles we make here in Greensboro, NC?  Check out this blog link:

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prefinished versus wood stained beadboard for a porch ceiling, 5 pros and cons!

This homeowner told us they wanted a "Maintenance Free porch ceiling", but they were concerned the porch ceiling wouldn't look as nice if they used a Prefinished beadboard instead of stained wood.
We showed them porch ceiling photos, since visuals can be helpful. In the end, they compromised, and went with wood stained support beams, and a maintenance free ceiling!


1) Notice when the room is empty the ceiling feels like it's of utmost importance. Once it's furnished, you don't notice the ceiling nearly as much. Is one product less expensive than the other? If you stay within budget for the ceiling, this allows a larger budget for furnishing the room with quality outdoor furniture!

2) Is the natural look also important to you? If so, you could always compromise - consider cedar beam columns - notice we used those for this project, to get that natural wood feeling the husband craved. They're at eye level, so they demand a lot of attention.

3) How important is "maintenance free" to you? That's what it really boils down to. Imagine emptying the porch and re-painting or re-staining the ceiling. Would this occasional upkeep bother you?

4) Check out colors - make sure the pre-finished color samples have a color tone you're happy with. Small samples can be misleading, perhaps you can view the finished product.

5) How long will you live in the home? If you're only going to live there 5 years, it's best to not overprice the neighborhood. If the houses in the neighborhood have less expensive selections, that could affect your decision. If on the other hand you intent to be there a long time, perhaps you want to go with what you love!

For this ceiling, paint allowed the homeowner to match the beautiful gray in their stone exterior

For this porch ceiling, wood allowed the rustic natural feeling the homeowner desired 

For before & after porch photos and ideas, lift and paste or  click on this link:

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A Utube video for beadboard porch ceilings:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

5 quick fix tips to make a living room more comfortable and welcoming!

Want a more welcoming living room? If your living room is like the ones from prior generations, which conveys 'no one is allowed to sit in there!'  Here are 5 quick fix ways to make it a more inviting space:

1) Create an instant ottoman! Propping up your feet makes a room instantly more comfortable. A leather cushion for this cocktail table makes it easily convert to a cocktail ottoman! Best of all, the cushion slides underneath the sofa when it's not in use! See Before (right) & after (below)

                        LEFT Notice it's the same cocktail table as above with a leather cushion for comfort!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
2) Replace those stiff furniture store pillows with soft "cushy" ones....we love feather and down filled pillows! People often settle for using the pillows that came with the sofa. It's more fun to mix and match pillows so the room will convey your own taste and style. See below, what a great impact the colorful soft pillows made!
Add comfortable pillows and a chenille throw 
3) Move the furniture closer together! Referred to as "floating the furniture" as a general rule of thumb: the distance from the chairs to the sofa should be 10' maximum, so you can easily carry on a conversation. If you think "floating" your furniture doesn't look right, consider putting a long sofa table behind the sofa, like in the photo below.

4) Add a comfortable throw, nothing says "Come in! Relax!" like a soft chenille throw!

5) Adding drapes makes a room feel cozy - this also helps with sound absorbing sound. Some people think they don't like drapes, until we show them room photos with simple linen drapes. Normally what they meant was they don't want fancy drapes or patterns that are too formal or busy. ---OR --- Perhaps they don't like drapes that block precious sunlight & the view. We always hang drapes OUTSIDE the window, so we don't block any sunlight, and they can still be closed when you desire.

For more ways to update rooms without replacing furniture, check out the BEFORE & AFTER room photos on this blog:

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Should I attach my upholstered headboard to the wall or to a metal bed frame? 3 pros and cons.

Pro or Con, for hanging a headboard on the wall -- versus attaching it to a metal bed frame. 
There are 3 advantages to hanging a headboard on the wall, instead of attaching it to the bed frame. We hang all our beds on the wall, because they're substantial in size. Our clients tell us they love it! 

1) If you attach a tall headboard to the wall it won't wobble, and will be more secure. 
2) If you attach it to the wall, you can slide it left or right as adjustments are needed (example if you add more furniture on one side than the other, like the bench shown below) 
3) Attaching it to the wall makes it easier to change the mattress or the dust skirt. 
The one Con we can think of: You'll have holes in the wall from the screws.

French Cleats allow you to hang a headboard on the wall. 

For before and after bedrooms with tips on bedding, bed styles, and designer tips, see this link:
Disclaimer: A licensed professional should be hired to install your bed properly. There is always a chance that when drilling into a wall you could run into a main water line, or other hazard. Check your builder's floor plan or consult a professional before drilling. 

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do the barstools always need to face the kitchen?

Can we turn the island around, so our bar stools face the TV instead of the kitchen? That was our client's question, and what a good question it was! The kitchen designer sent cad drawings which - on paper - made it look like it was a very bad idea, saying it is never done that way.

Well I'm of the mindset - it's your house, it needs to be functional for you!  The homeowner was leery to proceed, since they had never seen it done.  I sent them this photo from Houzz, which helped them visualize how it could look....not to mention how much more fun it would be to view the beautiful outdoors or their living room & TV, instead of facing the microwave!

We turned the island around, so the homeowners can face the TV, windows, 
and fireplace  (instead of their microwave)!! 

Decisions about kitchen layouts, island styles & shapes, bar stool placement - these are all easier to visualize with photos. is helpful for looking through your options.

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